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Kumamoto-shi, Japan, 15 April, 2016 - M 7.0

A sequence of deadly earthquakes struck Japan over the last few days (the sequence started earlier). The latest earthquake occurred in the shallow crust, near a large population center. The USGS PAGER Summary details the seriousness of such an earthquake.
Here is a nearby channel list, the closest station's data (JNU) are not available at the time of the mainshock, the more distance station, JSU, provides some of the foreshock and mainshock observations. JNU is up and running at present and you can see the aftershocks clearly.
JP;JNU;--;BHZ;Oita Nakatsue, Japan, UP-DOWN
JP;JNU;--;BHE;Oita Nakatsue, Japan, EAST-WEST
JP;JNU;--;BHN;Oita Nakatsue, Japan, NORTH-SOUTH
JP;JSU;--;BHZ;Kagoshima Suzuyama, Japan, UP-DOWN
JP;JSU;--;BHE;Kagoshima Suzuyama, Japan, EAST-WEST
JP;JSU;--;BHN;Kagoshima Suzuyama, Japan, NORTH-SOUTH

Here is a view of the last 30 minutes or so, the large aftershock near 18:03 is roughly a magnitude 5.5 (GFZ quick estimate).