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If you are working with one of the earthquake feeds that includes small-magnitude events (and most of us do), you may have had epicentral+ crash recently. The crash is caused by a bad entry in the USGS list of earthquakes (specifically an earthquake with no magnitude value in the list of earthquakes that are supposed to have magnitudes greater than a specified value). I was contacted about the issue yesterday and submitted an app update to work around such entries last night. But it will take a while (at least days) for the update to work its way through the app store approval process.

For now, working with the 30-day "feed" that lists only larger (M>=4.5) earthquakes will allow the app to function. This is not ideal, because you won't have notifications of small events in US regions, but you will be able to use the seismogram streaming functions and to track larger events. You may need to delete and reinstall the app to clean out the corrupt data. You choose the "feed" using the Apple Settings app, and selecting epicentral+, then the earthquake feed selector.