About Epicentral

I created this site to allow me to share information about earthquakes. Mostly, I wanted a place to host information related to iPhone and iPad apps that I had written (epicentral & epicentral+), so that users of the apps have a place where they can go to find more information on earthquakes (and that information can grow without endless app updates).  I didn't want to write all the html myself, so I decided to use a commercial site. I've included some amazon links to books that I like to try and cover some of the costs of the work and the site hosting. I have to admit I also included the amazon links in part to find out how all this internet-commerce stuff works...

To get started, look at the links along the left edge (expand the EQ Info Link), which contain some background information on earthquakes.

You can send comments to: support at epicentral.net.

C. J. Ammon